Amber Hurdle helps leaders confidently define and position their value to maximize their influence & results.

Executive Leadership Coaching | Small Business Coaching


Clearly articulate and apply your value, then create supportive environments so you naturally thrive, positioning you for growth in your career, your salary, or your businesses revenue.


Speak with authority, listen with intent, as you see and harvest the greatness in others to rally support and drive results. Whether your focus is on team members or customers or both, this is a must.


Guide and focus people and processes towards success as a trusted leader and admired influencer. Consistently attract the right people and opportunities.


Request a 30-minute complimentary coaching consultation to see if we are a right fit.


What is included in 1:1 coaching?

  • Two 50-minute virtual coaching sessions per month via Zoom .
  • Unlimited access via Voxer App for in-the-moment questions and celebrations. Voxer is a secure, real-time, walkie talkie messaging app for your smartphone with live voice (like a PTT walkie talkie), text, and photo.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Three assessments and reports.
  • A Custom Personal Brand Presentation PDF detailing the key areas of your personality, behavioral drives, and natural ways of approaching the world, and how you can uniquely define and position your value to maximize your influence.
  • The One and Done Personal Branding session is the exception, which includes a 60-minute session, the three assessments and reports, plus the brand PDF.

How long does a coaching engagement last?

Coaching packages start at 6 months or can go to 12 months. You can continue month to month after the initial engagement. (The Personal Branding One & Done Session is the exception, which is only one session.)

What assessments does Amber use?

Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment This assessment measures key behavioral drives, which provide a simple framework for understanding your workplace behaviors.

How to Fascinate® Personal Branding Assessment How to Fascinate® is the first science-based personality brand system for professionals that empowers you so you can stand out, be remembered, and add more value. Your personality has a specific advantage that is most likely to impress and influence. When you know your advantage you’re more authentic and confident, and more likely to make a brilliant impression with your colleagues, customers and your peers.

Natal Chart and Full Astrological Report (optional ) I consider natal charts as the first universal personality profile. While I do not leverage the information to attempt to predict the future, 10/10 clients find the information helpful in understanding how they move about life.

What type of coaching does Amber do?

My focus is classified as “personal branding” and “leadership,” however, the outcomes I deliver in all areas of your life are confidence and influence, whether you a leader in an organization or a business owner. Individual goals related to those bigger picture outcomes vary by client, yet always begin with the foundation of self-awareness. Examples include:

Small Business Coaching: Personal branding, employer branding/culture development, recruiting and retention, business branding, marketing strategy, operational excellence, customer service, and personal matters.

Organizational Leadership: Executive presence/senior leader coaching or grooming, positioning to prepare for advancement within the company or to make a move to another company, interpersonal and relational coaching to increase trust and influence among co-workers, and personal matters.

We will discuss what those look like for you on our discovery call.


"I love Amber’s direct style, which delivers breakthroughs early and often, and quickly takes you through the changes you want to make. Don’t delay! You will make big strides if you do the work."

- Kay Suarez, Walmart Home Office & Co-Owner, Best US Investment, LLC

"Amber is the type of coach who will always leave you wanting more. Her ability to teach, inspire and motivate, coupled together with the fact that she connects so brilliantly with her clients makes her a very rare asset for any and all who choose to work with her."

-Chris Ducker, Best Selling Author of Virtual Freedom & Rise of the Youpreneur

"I discovered the difference between how I think about myself versus how other people think of me, and gained needed confidence. I confirmed areas I was making good choices for my business and life, and discovered important areas of growth. Ultimately, I have a clearer understanding of myself and what a good leader truly is so I can be the best version of myself while influencing others."

-Misty Miller, Small Business Owner, Top Rated Wedding Planner

"Amber takes an idea and creates an identity. She takes chaos and creates chemistry. And she took a confused business owner like myself and created a confident powerhouse (if I do say so myself). If you listen to her, you will get to where you want to go (or likely, some place better). What you're getting with Amber Hurdle is truth and transformation. It might feel tough sometimes, but it's always worth it in the end. If you have the opportunity to work with her in any way, DO NOT pass it up."

-Matt McWilliams, Affiliate Mastermind Behind Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, Lewis Howes, Ray Edwards

Request a 30-minute complimentary coaching consultation to see if we are a right fit.